Outdoor LED Strip Custom Configuration

  • LED Strip:ย Choose the suitable LED strip for your application. Select the color temperature and specify the LED strip model [Voltage - Wattage - Lumen].
  • LED Channels:ย If you need a channel, select 'Yes'. Choose a channel and select any accessories if needed. (Channel Length: Maximum 118 inches)
  • Length, Quantity, Power feed & LED Driver:ย Select the quantity of runs. The length will be the channel length if an LED channel is necessary; otherwise, it defaults to the LED strip length. If an LED driver is needed, kindly specify the driver type.
  • If you have non-straight runs that need joinersย (Click here)ย or if there are more than 8 runs for a quicker response, kindly email the drawing and details to:ย ย sales@veroboard.com.