Aesthetic Lighting Combined with Quality Engineering


Since our founding in 2009 in Canada, we at Veroboard Tech Inc. take pride in providing a broad range of finest LED lighting products with exceptional customer service in Canada and US.  We have an ever-growing catalog of Cabinet lights, a large variety of stipe light as well as Channels and Diffusers, Dimmable and Non-Dimmable Constant Voltage LED Divers, . All our products have passed performance tests, quality assurance tests, and meet qualification criteria indicating that they are all UL Listed/CSA Approved. We have a team of experienced customer service staff standing by to contribute and ensure that the purchase of the lighting products is the smoothest part of the development process.


Veroboard  focuses on the research, manufacture and sales of high-power LED Residencial lighting products and commercial lighting products, and pays attention to improve product quality and service quality continuously. Our Mission To enhance customer value through product Innovation, and Agile solution delivery resulting in high performing LED products that Save Energy and Save Money.

Our Products are TESTED/ CERTIFIED by Recognized Third-Party Organizations