3″x6″ Epoxy Fiber Strip Board Copper

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Single sided prototype and development work circuit board with standard stripboard manufactured with copper clad laminate and EpoxyFiber body materials.

Type: Stripboard
Base Material: EpoxyFiber
Size: 3×6 in – (76×152 mm)
Board Thickness: 0.062 in – (1.6 mm)
Copper Thickness: 35 Microns 1oz
Copper Surface Finish: Flux quote
Copper Strip length: 6 in – (152 mm)
Copper Strip Width: 0.08 in – (2 mm)
Copper Strip Quantity: 30 Lines
Quantity of Holes on Strip: 60 Holes
Hole Size: 0.039″ 1mm (CNC Drilled)
Hole Pitch: 0.1 in – (2.54 mm)
Entire Hole Quantity: 1800 Holes
Weight:  36g (1.26oz)

UPC Code: 666561002312

prototyping board – Printed Circuit Board




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