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Cabinet lights

Veroboard cabinet lights are modular lighting fixtures that serve multiple purposes. We carry a wide array of puck lights in different shapes, sizes, and installation types with accurate color consistency having a rendering index greater than 90.  They are all IC-rated, UL-listed, and warrantied fixtures with high durability and quality

Linear profiles

Aluminum channels

LED strip channels or Architectural LED Profiles are the base for LED Strip lightings. They allow various linear lighting solutions for both residential and commercial applications. Veroboard offers LED strip channels for many uses. We carry high-quality Aluminum. With its Polycarbonate, Opal diffusers, it creates a sleek design that makes an elite class outcome. Furthermore, you can use Veroboard LED strip channels for outdoor applications using our outdoor-rated strip lights


Power Supply

Veroboard offers various high-quality LED drivers used for different lighting needs in variant specifications. Our LED drivers effortlessly pass the technical and safety inspection with its Class 2 compliance. Furthermore, they are approved by Underwriter Laboratories (UL), Intertek (ETL) making them, an easy fit for North American professional standards


LED Strips

Veroboard LED Strip lights are manufactured with high-quality materials and designed for professional lighting. Every strip light begins with a heavy-duty dual-core copper printed circuit board (PC Board). It is then soldered, with an array of chips and color options with a rendering index of 95+ for accuracy

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