Red-Black Stranded Wire VBD-300-22AWG 300ft

Model No: VBD-300-22AWG

Wire Guage: 22

Wire Length: 100 Meter (300 Feet)

Wire Type: Stranded

Temperature Rating: 80°C

Voltage Rating: 300V

Conductors: 2

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  • Red and Black color helps in the easy distinction of the conductors.
  • Suitable for any Low Voltage lighting applications.
  • The AWG22 wire is thinner than AWG18 and provides optimal resistance for low voltage lighting applications, prototyping, and breadboarding. When using a breadboard or PCB.
  • The low voltage stranded wire helps to withstand the mechanical stress with its high flexibility as compared to the solid wire.
  • The wire insulation is made of high-quality PVC. It helps to withstand the stress and is more durable as compared to any regular wire.
  • This product is a UL recognized component with its UR certification.