Veroboard(R) For professional Electronic prototyping projects.
Printed circuit board ready to go for most of the Electronic project.

From 2in x 5in with 1000 CNC Drilled hole to 11.5in x 19.5in 23000 CNC Drilled Hole.

We provide 3 Materials:
Epoxy Fiber (FR4) Heavy duty. Copper stick to base with stronger glue. Not flammable. Ability Solder desoldering several time. Cut able with metal scissors.High voltage circuit.
Cem-1 (Composite Epoxy Material) Strong Board , Strong Copper stick to board. Soldering Desoldering is okay. Cut able with metal scissors. High voltage circuit.
Phenolic (FR2) Non flammable board. Good for low voltage circuit. and low current.

Veroboard(R) Available in 3 major type :
Strip Board (For more ready connection on circuit)
Pad Per Hole (Free Wiring after installation and soldering components)
Copper Less (Free Wiring) Soldering direct on component leads.

Surface type:
Copper Less: No copper
Copper Surface Finish: Copper – Flux Quoted for protection and Easy soldering.
Copper Surface Finish: Hot Air (RoHS) Solder Leveling ( Tin quoted on top of copper for easy and very fast soldering Specially for sensitive components to heat).

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