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LED Strip lights also called LED tape or ribbon lights are now the primary lighting source for all Lighting Designers & Architects. Our high quality LED strip lights to have a superior lighting effect with high CRI, compact size, high brightness, and low power consumption.  Explore your options from our variety of strips of any color, brightness, or length.

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Shop by the desired voltage selection to make the right purchase. Most LED strips are configured to operate at low voltage. We carry LED strip lights in both 12 and 24V. Make sure to choose the strips that are compatible with your power supply.

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Choose the right brightness of your LED strip lights available in different lumen (brightness) values to give greater flexibility in your application. Lumens is the unit to measure the brightness of any LED strip. Change the mood and atmosphere by lighting up your space in any color with the desired brightness level to suit your needs.

Choose your LED strips based on the type of project like indoors, outdoors, in bathrooms, or in saunas. While looking for outdoor-rated strip lights, check for the IP rating mentioned on them. The IP rating scale essentially ranks the light source by how effectively it is protected from exterior elements such as liquids or solid objects, and this will dictate where your lights can be installed and how much moisture or external force it can safely come into contact with.

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Shop from our wide range of LED strip lights in both single and multi-color based on your desired lighting atmosphere and preferences. We carry a variety of single color white LED strips in different shades (CCT) or Multi-color in RGB, RGBW, and Adjusting color Temperatures.

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 From changing your basic lights in your home to building large architectural projects, we help you grow by providing trusted, high-quality products. Contact our distributors to help you get the right product you are looking for in your project with the right information and swift support. We are here for any questions you may have.