We offer our valuable customers over 35 years of experience
in electrical components, prototyping materials and electronics...

Let Us Introduce Ourselves…

Located in British Columbia, Canada, Veroboard ™ is a division of Electronics PCB. We are a proud international parts provider who has earned a reputation for reliability and integrity. All of the products you find on this site have either been built in store, with both local and imported parts from our trusted partners around the world. We offer our valuable clients over 35 years of experience in electrical components, prototyping materials, and electronics. Our products are used in educational, electrical experiments, research and developments, prototype productions and hobbies in North America and all over the world!


What is Veroboard?

A Veroboard is expertly constructed using strips of copper clad on a top quality board featuring a grid pattern of holes spaced 0.1″ ( 2.54mm) apart. This design allows you to solder almost any non-surface mount ICs, resistors, capacitors onto the Veroboard. With the Veroboard you will receive both versatility and durability allowing you the freedom and flexibility you crave!
Each Veroboard has been carefully and diligently crafted using an intelligent design that allows for a more reliable, permanent circuit. You can expect to receive a high quality circuit prototyping board that uses technology inspired by solderless breadboards and printed PCBs. Instead of using etching or printed PCBs, the Veroboard’s solderless breadboard design allows us to save you money without compromising on quality.





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We accept PCB Order for medium and mass production only. Limit to single and double sided (THP) . Please send your gerber file through Email: info@veroboard.com for estimate Price and Delivery.

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Our Promise to You

We offer Stripboards, Perfboards (also known as pad per hole boards), and Breadboards (2″x5″ to 11″x19″) all made with a variety of materials, from FR4 Fiberglass to Phenolic Cem-1 (composite epoxy material) . For custom orders, please contact us by Email: info@veroboard.com